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Home Page of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Leads to many useful resources: links to Regional Groups, Arts and Sciences pages throughout the Knowne World, Lists of Creative Anachronist issues, access to the SCA Marketplace (former Office of the Stockclerk).
Home Page of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Many Arts and Sciences illustrations, an article on "pucker-lace" shoes.
Home Page of the Barony of Thescorre
Much of the ADEPT MANUAL is on-line under "Literature".
Home Page of the Dark Horde Moritu
Links to multiple pages concerning Mongolian and Chinese culture, costuming, etc.
Medieval Chests, by Master Dafydd ap Gwystl, from the University of Atlantia.
Surveys a number of period styles, with excellent illustrations, pictures of actual medieval chests and extensive footnotes.
Lots of brief pages on assorted related topics, with lovely but marginally related pictures. Slow to navigate.
Interesting excercise uses primary sources (tax rolls and Shakespeare's will) to encourage students to form a revised opinion of Shakespeare's personal character.
Excellent set of pages concerning the Domesday Book, with text appropriate to young readers, and explanations of vocabulary!
The site/company caters to the University Rare Books collectors, etc.
Living words & luminous pictures:
12 medieval manuscripts in The Royal Library - Copenhagen
“Let’s Make Medieval Music” CD Modern Lyrics, brief sound file for Summer Is Acumen In.
Past Time With Good Company, Lyrics and a sound file.
23 themed classroom projects including Tudor songs, dances and drama, listening games and loads of things to do. Brief sound file for Past Time With Good Company.

If you know of other particularly useful sites, please post and let me know. Comments evaluating subject matter, ease of access, etc. would be especially welcome. I can be reached at (agryphon at frontiernet dot net)

Thank You.


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