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Organizing a Fashion Show



Useful in Organizing Scadian Fashion Show component of Demo’s--
As always, commitments to attend/participate MUST be reliable. As a free-standing demo, this activity will require more participants and organization than if it is a component of a larger program. If you have conveniently accessible changing rooms and enough participants to provide “changing time”, it may be possible for participants to “model” more than one set of period clothing. Be very careful when arranging such a program, however. Fill out one of these sheets for each outfit to be modelled. Script the finished program based on these notes. Consider maintaining chronological progression and a balance of places and “professions” to give the program balance. Enlist the assistance of “non-models” to coordinate “staging”, music, and narration. Assistants in the changing rooms to help lace, pin, buckle, tuck, etc. are also a VERY good idea!
Mundane Name:
Contact Info: Email is good, phone is better for last minute emergencies.
SCA Name: How you wish to be introduced… it should match the period clothing you’re wearing, even if you have to make up an alternate name. Don’t mix and match!
Time Period: Narrow it down as much as possible! Within a decade is GOOD, a specific year is even BETTER.
Country of Origin: Where your period clothing would most commonly have been worn?
Social Station or Occupation represented by your period clothing: Royalty? Cleric? Merchant? Peasant? Foot Soldier? Noble? Servant?
Detailed description of each component of your period clothing:
Material It’s Actually Made Of/
What It Would Have Been:
Name of Item:
Detail Notes:
(For Example)
Rough woven cotton broadcloth/
to approcimate linen
trim: hand
Accessories: (visible and in-) i.e. identify and/or comment on shoes, hosen, gloves, headgear, jewelry, girdle, hoop, bumroll, codpiece?
Additional comments/points of interest: (EX- priests preached again wearing .... / sumptuary laws were enacted against .... ) Developed from ......... or led to development of .............

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