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Report on a Girl Scout Demo of interest in a Scadianly historical context

Saturday, May 8, 1993 CE. A.S.XXVIII

The Barony of Thescorre participated in a Medieval Weekend held by the Girl Scouts of America at Camp Beechwood on Lake Road near Sodus, NY. The weekend was hosted by several troops from the Perinton, Fairport, Penfield area. Coordinator and contact person for the Girl Scouts was Patti-Aine Guzinski. Daedra McBeth a Gryphon served as Scadian liaison.

Over all attendance included 11 Thescorreans, a lady from (?) Concordia, 2 gentles from the Rhydderich Hael, and approximately 80 Girl Scouts, mothers, and leaders.

The gentles from the Hael were personal acquaintances of Patti-Aine's. They assisted primarily in the kitchen and in period clothinging Patti-Aine as "Queen Onya of the Realm of Beechwood".

The 12 remaining Scadians provided a program that consisted of 4 discreet units, which ran concurrently and were repeated 4 times between 1:30 and 5:30pm. Groups of scouts and adult supervisors rotated in sequence through the 4 presentations.

Kathira um Rashid and Aelfwyn of Whitby presented Medieval Active Games, based -in part- on the class (by the same title) that Kathira taught at EKU/UWEKAT. Judging by participation and comments, this unit was highly successful, though Kathira noted that she believes the groups in which adults were least "directive" were the most effective.

Cerridwyn of Raventree, Daedra McBeth a Gryphon, Chanson d' Osier, Jennet, and Rian Gortyroyan presented a modified academic demo and educational presentation (i.e: a Personna Demo) which allowed scouts and adults to handle a variety of items we had with us and ask questions about those items as well as questions concerning the day to day lives of the Persona in attendance. The chain mail coif belonging to Thescorre's ADEPT was a big hit. Other examples included: drop spindles, homemade herbal soaps, a bodhran, a wax seal, penannular pins, a leather vambrace, banners, etc. In most cases the presentations opened with a song (the round: Rose, Rose...) and closed with verbal sparring between Chanson and Rian which would escalate to a fencing bout. Overall response was quite enthusiastic, but occasionally uneven. We attribute this to our inability to prepare our audience as thoroughly as we generally attempt to in a school setting. We also had 3 of our 5 presenters making their Personna Demo "debut", which might account for occasional hesitances. Even so, Chanson, Jennet, and Rian did an exceptionally fine job on VERY short notice!

Devon Adair Bartholomy, Paul the Boteman, David FitzRobert, and Gauen Farwanderer presented an Archery Demo. While confident of their shooting abilities, these gentles indicated that they were less comfortable with the need for public speaking as a part of the demo. None-the-less, their efforts were well received, particularly Paul the Boteman's success in transfixing a small pine cone which Lady Beata of the Rhydderich Hael designated as a target.

David FitzRobert's lady, Shawna, was so very kind as to travel all the way from the Concordia area to teach dance. One group of her pupils entertained at dinner by performing the Black Nag. After dinner, Scadians and Scouts alike put her instruction to good use, participating in a number of dances.

The evening's "feast" was directed primarily by the Scouts, who cooked, served, and provided a number of entertainments. Scadians were invited to attend as honored guests, but added to the ambiance in a number of ways. Scadian banners decorated the head of the hall. We organized and executed the "Queen's" entrance procession, with Jennet providing a lively marching tattoo on the bodhran. Aelfwyn served admirably as "Her Majesty's" herald, while Rian stood guard duty. Daedra and Kathira exercised their storytelling talents. Shawna and David danced "Scotland the Brave" to great acclaim, and Chanson inspired several dozen crushes with his renditions of dashing and romantic songs.

"Queen Onya" presented gifts to the Scadians in token of her appreciation for their contributions to the success of her "reign". The ladies received vials of soothing, scented oils, while the lords received packets of fine mineral salts for the relief of aching muscles.

In turn, we presented the "Queen" and two ladies of her immediate family with fans, and took the opportunity to deliver the Keystone scroll entrusted to the Baron and Baroness of Thescorre by TSH Christopher and Maurya unto Paul the Boteman... finally!

In departing, we were approached by several scouts who wanted to know if the SCA allowed teens to join. Younger scouts asked whether we came to schools. In both cases, we responded that such things were possible, and encouraged them to have their parents and teachers contact the Scout Leaders for additional information and contact information. Patti-Aine has been given complete membership information and will be disseminating it among the other leaders. She has indicated a personal interest in the SCA and may well become a member herself at some point!

In closing, I would classify this event as a rousing success. We received compliments too numerous to recount from scouts and leaders alike commenting on our courtesy, kindness, knowledge and willingness to serve! My thanks to all who attended and by their participation most thoroughly merit those gracious words!!!


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