Adept Handbook
Teaching Through Living History


Demo Done for: <<Organization/Group, ex: BSA Troop #31>>
Date and Time: <<ex: 1994, Jan 16th @ 7:00 pm>>
Location: <<ex: Third Presbyterian Church, Corner of Meigs & East Avenue>>
Directions to Site: << ex: Take 490 to Winton exit, (turn right if from east, left if from west). Go to East Ave, turn left. Church on left side at intersection of Meigs and EastAve. Use red side door. Troop meets downstairs.>>
Contact: <<Person requesting demo, title (if any) & phone, ex: Jxx Txxx, Scoutmaster, ###>>
Participants: <<We listed by mundane name for professionals & students who claimed work or academic credit for participation. You may prefer to list by persona name>>
Program: <<Succinct list of what you did/provided, ex: Song- “Rose”, question & answer panel, dance- “Tangle” (with scouts and leaders participating), herb tea tasting, Nine-Men’s Morris handout, story- “The Maid, The Cook, & The King”, recitation- “Caedmon’s Hymn, Arts & Armor display.” >>
Duration: <<How long you were scheduled and/or how long it actually took; ex: “Program ran 50 mins., leaders and scouts continued asking questions as we packed, 20 mins. more.” In a school setting you might have “6 x 40min. sessions between 10am and 2pm” >>
Attendance: <<Actual or estimated, ex: “40 scouts, 5 adult leaders”, or “6 classes of 15-20 sixth graders and their teachers, principal dropped in”.
Evaluation: <<The Participants’ assessment of their performance and audience response. Ex: The Scouts were VERY enthusiastic. The questions never ended, they were intelligent, often based on earlier questions, the display, and items we were using. The boys were surprizingly familiar with the Middle Ages, some had studied it recently in school, others had seen Channel XXI programs on related topics. Some of the older boys tested our reactions by asking questions they thought might shock us, but when we answered calmly and unsensationally, appearred both impressed and ready to appreciate the rest of the presentation whole-heartedly. There was some rowdiness, only to be expected in a crowd of 8-16 year old boys. We felt having a fighter along really helped gain and hold their attention. Wish more fighters were available during the day!>>
Notes/Follow-Up: <<List donations, or other pertinent info. Ex: “Scoutmaster said he was very impressed with our work and relieved to learn we do not charge as he doubted he could afford “such a professional presentation”. We received Troop #31’s equivalent of three ‘vivats’, and were given a stained glass fleur-de-lis in token of their appreciation. The fleur-de-lis has been added to our display, and a thank-you note sent to the troop in care of the board member who crafted the piece. One leader took contact info to pass to his wife’s Sunday School, another commented: “You know what you’re talking about, and it’s NOT boring!”>>

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