Adept Handbook
Teaching Through Living History


What is history?
What does history have to do with our lives today?
Do you have a personal history?
Do you share your history with others?
Does being a part of history make you unreal?

If two different schools send student reporters to cover a football game between their respective teams, will both reporters tell the same story?
What elements might both stories contain?
What elements might only appear in the winning school's paper?
What elements might only be mentioned in the losing school's paper?
Which story is "true"?
Which story could be considered "history"?
Is the history we read about in books ever like those football game reports?

List three things you have in your house that a medieval person would not have.
List three things that could be found in a medieval or renaissance home that you don't have in yours.
List three things that you and a medieval person could both have in your homes.
(You get extra points if you correctly list something no one else thinks of.)
Ask your parents to tell you about an event, a discovery, or an invention that occurred before you were born. What about it impressed them or made a difference in their lives?
If you have an older brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent, ask them the same question.
Do you have a younger brother or sister? A niece or nephew?
How would you answer if they asked you the same question?

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