Adept Handbook
Teaching Through Living History

Persona Worksheet: (Teacher Copy)

  1. What is your name?
    How did you get your name?
    Is there an English translation?
  2. Where are you from?
    What part of the country do you live in?
    Are you from a city, village, manor, or farm?
    What kind of building do you live in?
    Where do you eat, sleep, work?
  3. When are you from?
    What year is it?
    When were you born?
    Are you considered a child, an adult, or elderly?
  4. What is your station in life?
    Are you a noble, peasant, or other?
    Are you wealthy, poor?
    Is this likely to change?
  5. With whom do you live?
    Are your parents alive?
    Do you have brothers and sisters?
    Are you married? To whom?
    Do you have children?
    When, Why, & How do people get married?
    Are there people in your household
    who aren't related to you?
  6. What do you do?
    Do you have a job?
    What are your daily responsibilities?
    How do you get paid?
  7. What do you wear?
    How do you obtain or make your clothing?
    Do you have different kinds of clothing
    (everyday vs. special occasions)?
    Do you wear underwear? What kind?
    How do you care for your clothes?
    Do you have many clothes?
  8. What is your typical daily menu?
    Does your menu change during the year?
    How & where do you get what you eat?
    How is your food cooked & preserved?
    How is it served?
  9. What do you do for fun?
    What entertainment is available to you?
    Do you provide entertainment for others? How?
  10. How were you educated?
    What language(s) can you speak?
    Can you read or write?
    Did you go to school?
    What did you study?
    How did you learn to do your work?
    Who taught you?
  11. How do you keep clean?
    How often do you bathe?
    Where do you “go to the bathroom”?
    How is waste disposed of?
  12. How were you affected by warfare?
    Do you fight? Under what circumstances?
    What armor and weapons are used in your time and place?
    How do people of your time & place get weapons and armor?
  13. What kind of medical care is available to you? For injuries? Illnesses?
    Who provides your medical care?
    Do you supply medical care for others?
    What happens to people with handicaps?
  14. What kind of legal system do you live in?
    Who makes the laws?
    What happens to those who break them?
    How does this affect you?
  15. What is your religion?
    Is it important in your life?
    Does everyone around you practice
    the same religion?
    How does THAT affect you?
  16. Have any events made a profound difference in your life?
    Have you witnessed or taken part in any important events?
    Who are the most famous people of your day and age?

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