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The Barony of Thescorre is pleased to announce the return of the Rapier Academy! Join us on Saturday, November 17th 2007 at the breathtaking Main Street Armory (900 E. Main St. Rochester NY 14605) for a day of learning, fighting, comaradie and fun! The site will be open from 9am until 9pm, with first classes beginning at 10am. The site has limited handicapped accessibility, it is wet (in accordance with site's liquor license, all alcohol provided for purchase by the Armory only), and there will be designated areas for smoking.

A variety of classes will be offered, ranging from topics in Historical Combat, Leadership and Melee tactics, Tournament Fighting, Arts & Sciences in the world of Rapier; His Excellency Baron Eric desires a Tournament of Skill and Rapier Prowess, offering a prize of an 11lb slab of Callebaut Semisweet Chocolate to the Victor.To round out the day we hope to fit in a grand melee in the Armory’s 34,000 sq. ft arena!

The Autocrat for this event is Dona Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina, (Angelique Armstrong)

The Chancellor of Classes for the event is Master Ian Muir (Ben Cooper). If you are interested in teaching a class, please contact Master Ian as soon as possible so that he can schedule it in the appropriate track.

This event will not be featuring a feast, and due to some unfortunate construction delays the onsite Restaurant may not be open for business in time for the event. However, there are a variety of many fine restaurants in the area and maps and menus will be available. As well, concession stands will be opened throughout the afternoon in the arena.

Merchants are invited to attend and showcase your wares. There is plenty of space available, and there is no Merchanting Fee to pay. If you are in need of tables they are available for $5 each. If you are interested in merchanting please contact the Autocrat at the email address listed above.

Reservations are appreciated but not necessary. The reservations clerk is Baroness Roberta McMorland (Pam McDermott), 196 Henrietta Street, Rochester, NY 14620. The site fees for the day are as follows: Adults: $10.00, Youth (6 – 17yrs): $5.00, 5yrs and under: Free. Adult Non-members and those without proof of membership will be also be charged the $3 Non-Member Surcharge at the door. Please make checks payable to “SCA, Inc – Barony of Thescorre” (please do not include $3.00 NMS with reservation).

What better place than a Stylized Castle to display your Heraldry?? If you have banners, standards, or other items of Heraldic Display, we encourage you to bring it... we'll see to it that your colors are proudly displayed throughout the arena!


From points WEST of Rochester: Find your best Route to I-90 E. Take I-90 E to EXIT #47 (Rochester/Leroy). Take I-490 E into the city. Take left hand exit onto EXIT #13/INNER LOOP. Continue on Inner Loop to left hand exit for Main St. Turn Left onto Main St. approx ½ mile. Armory will be on your left (look for SCA signs)

From points EAST of Rochester: Find your best Route to I-90 W. Take I-90 W to EXIT #45 (Rochester/Victor). Take I-490 W into the city. Take EXIT #20/UNIVERSITY AVE towards Winton Rd. Go approx 2 miles. Turn RIGHT onto N. Goodman St, **continue on N. Goodman St. through where it changes to Circle St and intersects with E. Main St (you will be on a bridge, there will be a railyard below on your right). Turn LEFT onto E. Main St, the Armory will be at the bottom of the bridge on your right (look for SCA Signs)

From points SOUTH of Rochester: Find your best route to I-390 N. Take I-390 N to EXIT #15/I-590 N. Take I-590 N to EXIT #5/I-490W towards Downtown . Take EXIT #18/ROUTE 31 MONROE AVE. Turn RIGHT onto Monroe Ave and continue for approx ½ mile. Turn RIGHT onto N. Goodman St, follow from **
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Site Rules

  1. Please park along the sides and rear of the Armory.  There is also additional parking available in the parking lot of the Lumber Yard to the right of the site if needed.
  2. While this is a Wet Site, all alcohol must be purchased at one of the Armory’s concession stands and consumed on the premises, lest we violate the owners’ Alcohol Permit.
  3. Save for the Class Areas at the North End of the Arena, the Balcony is OFF LIMITS except for Armory Personnel and Event Staff ONLY.
  4. Those who desire to partake of tobacco products are asked to do so at the designated Smoking Area on the Western side of the Arena.  This area will be clearly marked.
  5. The rear ramp is available for loading and unloading, however at the request of the site owners we are only using the smaller door for access… 34,000 square feet is a lot of area to try and heat.
  6. Due to the nature of the site, parents are please asked to keep track of their little ones at all times. Those who fail to do so will be asked to leave.
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