Threadworkers Company of Thescorre

Welcome. The Threadworkers Company of Thescorre is a local needlework and fiber arts group within the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international Middle Ages reenactment organization. Barony of Thescorre is the Rochester, NY chapter of the SCA. The purpose of a local chapter's Threadworkers Company is to provide opportunities for both education and working on projects while in the company of good friends. If you spin, weave, sew, embroider, or embellish with thread, this is the place for you!

  We hope you'll find our Website to be an interesting and useful resource. Please enjoy what we have to offer:

  Thanks to Lady Sorcha inghean Airt and Lord Dónal an Stràcair, Barony of Thescorre's first Webministers, for their kind, generous, and invaluable assistance in making the Threadworkers Company of Thescorre Website possible. (Although this site is not hosted at the Thescorre Website at this time, if you need to contact Thescorre's current Webminister for any reason, please click here.) The Threadworker's Website was begun by Lord Carlo Gallucci and is currently being run by Lady Genevotte Nau d’Anjou, who may be contacted if you have any questions about the site. If you have questions about the Threadworkers Company in general, please send a message to Lady Genevotte Nau d’Anjou.

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