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  Welcome to Barony of Thescorre's Chirurgeonate website!
The purpose of this site is to provide information about the office of Chirurgeon and the requirements for an individual wishing to take on the office, a guide to the duties and responsibilities of a Chirurgeon, and a location where downloadable resources can be made available to the Chirurgeonate and those hoping to join their membership.

  The Chirurgeonate is a voluntary first aid organization of the Society for Creative Anachronism and provides care, up to the level of advanced First-Aid, to all injured or ill participants at events and other SCA functions. This care is provided free of charge.

  Chirurgeons are recognized by either a favor or baldric with the following heraldry: Gules, on a goutte argent a fleam gules. Chirurgeons wear different favors to denote their status within the Chirurgeonate. Chirurgeons in Training wear a plain red favor with a Chirurgeonate symbol; Chirurgeons wear a red favor or baldric, trimmed in white, with a Chirurgeon's symbol; and Mentor Chirurgeons wear a red favor or baldric, trimmed in yellow or gold, with a Chirurgeon's symbol.

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Thescorre Chirurgeonate Resource Point is not an official Website of the SCA. Information found within it is not intended to be used to attempt to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Only individuals properly trained and certified in first aid, trained in the appropriate SCA related procedures, and officially warranted by their kingdom to practice may represent themselves as SCA Chirurgeons.

The content of this Website is managed by Lord Phillipe the Shamed.

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