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Spoons (List of recipients)

In 1989 at Pax, Michaele wanted to give a tangible "thank you" gift to gentles who volunteered their time washing dishes, cleaning and chopping food, and stirring pots -- the constant, unseen work without which the feast would not occur.

Thus, she created a recognition structure, painted the bowls of some wooden spoons, and handed them out in Court so that the gentles would have a moment in the spotlight.

The three initial colors were:

Orange - scullery work and dishwashing, which includes chopping and prepping ingredients, and general kitchen help work.

Green - organizing a whole course, often the lunch for an event; the lunch cook generally does the same jobs as the head cook listed below, but only for the one course.

Blue - serving as head cook for a feast, which generally includes researching a period meal, planning the menu, doing or overseeing food preparation, conferring with and/or overseeing the lunch cook, and managing the kitchen on the day of the feast. The head cook also ensures that all the barony equipment gets packed back cleanly into the boxes and back to Stefan's basement! :)

But the number of colors slowly grew...

Gold - In the mid-1990s, after Sadira bint Wassouf prepared amazing feasts at outdoor events with extremely limited cooking facilities on more than one occasion, Michaele recognized Sadira's overall excellence in food research, menu planning, feast cooking, and kitchen management with a Gold spoon "for mastery."

Back in 1990, Mistress Annelise Dagfinsdotter had received the first gold spoon, "for surpassing herself." In 2002, Michaele gave a third Gold spoon to Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina for overall excellence in period cooking, research, mentoring, and feast preparation.

Red - In 1998, Katja wanted to recognize the gentles who did "beast of burden" work -- the ones who hauled the barony kitchen equipment, operated the industrial kitchen equipment, loaded the cooks' cars, helped procure the feast ingredients at local food warehouses or the Public Market... jobs that were vital to a feast's success but did not directly involve cooking or fall easily under the other spoon categories.

So, feeling that the gentles in question had "bled for the Barony," she offered the first red spoons (special hand-turned ones made by Devon and not painted... so they could be used in actual cooking!) to Ulric, Katrina, Grendel, and Cam. In 2004, Colette (nee
Khazima) received one for quite literally twisting her ankle while carrying a case of Cornish game hens for a feast.

Plaid - When several bare-chested, kilted members of Orion's Gate (mundanely, Fort Drum) repeatedly drove out to Thescorre to wash dishes for hours, load and unload cars, and otherwise work entire events when they weren't on duty, Baron Fridrikr and Baroness Orianna asked to recognize "the boys in plaid,"
(Casey, Bruce, et. al.). Thus, they received both spoons and Raven's Eggs in their signature pattern.

Rainbow - In 2003, Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon kindly ran a yummy Pax feast when Thescorre's cooks were busy planning two other upcoming feasts. Not knowing the exact colors and their meanings, she brought gorgeous Russian rainbow-colored spoons to hand out to those who helped her that day.

Purple - While handing out orange spoons to those who helped them with their first feast in 2005, Dubheasa and Khazima surprised Katja with a Purple spoon (attached to a dozen roses) to thank her for mentoring them; they felt the color was a blend of imparting head cook knowledge (blue) with beast of burden help (red).

Spoon Recipients
1980's | 1990's | 2000's
Emeritus Status:
Mistress Annelise Dagfinsdottir
Lady Katryn du Reynard Argent
Baroness Mistress Sadira bint Wassouf
Baroness Mistress Michaele del Vaga
Pax Interruptus, July 8, 1989
Blue: Sine ni Moriag
Green: Adren cu Faol de Linden
Orange: Daedra McBeth a Gryphon
First Coronet Tournament, September 23, 1989
Green: Stefan Wolfgang von Ravensburg
Orange: Wassouf ibn Saleem, Robin Argyle du Coeur Aile, Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner of Stonekeep, Dyfan ap Iago
UWEKAT, February 3, 1990
Orange: Aelis Helene of Hengandrode, Nezhah bint Saleem, Athos, Clare, Cerridwyn of Raventree, Rose Marion of Edgewater
Baronial Champions May 5, 1990
Gold: Annelise
Blue: Adren
Orange: Oelric von Koln, Juenevere of the Mallow Rose, Raphael Rempovaloroso
Pax, July 14, 1990
Orange: Teresa Gabriela de Montoya y Sevilla
Twelfth Night, 1/12/1991
Orange: Ysabeau Gwalchaved, Alison of the Many Isles, Corwin of Darkwater
UWEKAT, 2/2/1991
Green: Rowan de la Garnisson, Guenevere Katherine of Trail's End, Sine ni Moriag
Orange: Peter Raventree
UWEKAT, February 1, 1992
Blue: Corwin & Stefan
Green: Elanore, Cerridwyn
Orange: Jasmine, Eric Brehattan, Fridrikr Tomazzon, Judith of Kirkland, Dave, Gille Macdhomnuill
Raven's Tourney, May 31, 1992
Green: Alison (for baking)
Orange: Petranella
Pax, July 18, 1992
Green: Nezhah
Orange: Genella of Leeshire
Sergeants & Yeomen, September 26, 1992
Co-Cook: Mathilde des Pyrenees
Blue: Mathilde
Green: Matilda Bosvyle de Bellacqua (for managing th serving at all our events)
Orange: Megan Corwinsdottir, Katerina Majdottir, Sybil Cairnfalcon, Julia of Dunblane
AEthelmearc Investiture, March 27, 1993
Orange: Andrew Corwinsson, Doireann the Wanderer, Seamus
Crown, May 1, 1993
Green: Dyfan
Orange: Aelfwyn of Whitby, Cygnus the Blissful
Coronet, November 11, 1994
Blue: Guenevere Katherine (for excellence in kitchen
Blue with Angel Wings: Alison (for everything!)
Green: Johann von Traubenberg
Orange: Ameliana, Tomar
UWEKAT, January 28, 1995
Orange: Katja & Bryn (for lots of help with veggies), Rian Gortyroyan (for excellence and tenacity at dishwashing), Aine (newly arrived from Coppertree and taking care of lunch at very short notice)
Baronial Champs, May 15, 1999
Feastocrat: Katrina -- blue
Rime of the Ancient Viking, Oct. 2000
Head Cook: Sean William
Sean – blue
Olivia – orange
Padraig the Lost – green
College of Three Ravens, Feb. 3, 2001
Head Cooks: Sadira & Nezhah
Olivia – green
Isabella di Castelbolognese – orange
Caradawc Mendwr – orange
Dubheasa – thanks
Morghun & Meirwen’s Coronation, Feb. 31, 2001
Head Cook: Katja
Grendel: red
Sarrah of Hartstone – orange
Meiglan – orange
Dubheasa – orange
Pax, July 2002
Head Cook: Olivia
Olivia – blue
Bruce – orange
Brock of Huntington – orange
Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Siena – orange
College of Three Ravens, Feb. 2002
Head Cooks: Teresa & Eric Brehattan
Teresa – Blue
Pax, July 2002
Head Cook: Bryn
Bryn – blue
Lavena – red
Anna Maria – orange
Carlo – orange
Juliana de Beaujeau – orange
Magdalena – orange
Cori Ghora – orange
Salmon Run, Sept. 2002
Head Cook: Ruairidh
Katja - Gold
Ruairidh – blue
Lavena – green
Cathain – orange
Eldjarn – orange
John from Brooklyn – orange
James – orange
Three Ravens, Feb. 2003
Head Cooks: Nezhah & Sadira
Megryth Alisonsdottir – green
Cory – orange
Robin – orange
Chris (Meg’s boyfriend) – orange

Lady & The Lion, April 12, 2003
Head Cook: Laura Littlejohn
Laura: blue
Liz Christenson - orange

Pax Interruptus, July 5, 2003
Head Cook: Aoife
Aoife – blue
Coco (Aoife’s daughter) – orange
Dubheasa – rainbow
Phillipe the Shamed – rainbow
Fall Crown Tourney, Oct. 11, 2003
Menu: Michaele
Head Cook: Katja
Bryn – green (lunch)
Daedra – green (breakfast)
Grendel – green (butlering & dinner)
Morghun Sheridan – red
Lionheart – red
Khazi – orange
Nivah – orange
Dark Oak – orange
Marianna – orange
Metal Symposium, 10/25/03
Peregrine (head cook) – blue
Katherine – orange
College of Three Ravens, 2/28/04
Grendel & Katja (head cooks)
Grendel – blue
Dubheasa –green (lunch cook)
Khazi – red
Everild - orange
College of Three Ravens 2/26/05
Head Cooks: Dubheasa & Khazima
Orange: Mairghread, Richard, Nicoletta, Lionhart, & Cedric
Green: Ruaridh & Cadifor
Blue: Dubheasa & Khazima
Purple: Katja
Fall Coronation September 24, 2005
Head Cook: Katja
Lunch Cooks: Dubheasa & Collette
Collette - green
Vettius - red
Ye Jian Ying (aka Hawk) - orange
Nivah - orange
College of Three Ravens February 25, 2006
Head Cooks: Alison, Bronwyn, Bryn
Lunch Cook: Mairghread
Mairghread - green
Bronwyn - green
Renata the Posh Rot - orange
Devon Nikolaisdaughter - orange
Athos - orange
Padraig - orange
Pax Interruptus, July 8, 2006
Head Cooks: Ruaridh & Cadifor
Thanked everyone who helped in the kitchen
College of Three Ravens, February 24, 2007
Head Cooks: Olivia & Bryn
Lunch Cook: Kadlin
Cauldron Bleu heraldry spoons: Dubheasa and Alison
Virtual spoon: Kateryn of Bakestondon