Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild
Argent, two wooden cooking spoons in saltire proper and in chief a cauldron azureFounded back in 1978 and run by the late Baroness Mistress Michaele del Vaga for many years, the barony's Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild has a well-deserved reputation in AEthelmearc for creating delicious period food locally as well as helping in kitchens throughout the kingdom.

The guild's purpose is to train and educate new cookery students in the planning, purchasing, and preparation of medieval feasts.

Anyone who cooks and participates in the meetings and/or feast kitchens is a member of the guild. There is no fee and no experience is necessary.

Meetings frequently focus on feast menu planning, food prep for upcoming feasts, and baking pelican-, knight-, or laurel leaf-shaped cookies for upcoming peerage vigils, with some meetings teaching redaction or other aspects of medieval food research.

[Note: The vigil cookies began as a special present from Michaele to Mistress Rhiannon The Curious at her Pelican vigil... and then other Peers wanted the personalized sugar cookies at their vigils as well! The guild often spends hours happily mixing colored icings to create colorful and elaborate leaves, chivalry, and birds.]

The meetings are now run by Lady Bryn ni MacRose and are held at Devon & Daedra's house (for more information, see the Baronial Calendar) All are welcome.

Classes and Papers on Food History as well as Feast Menus & Research by Dame Katja

**Information for Cauddron Bleu pages given by Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina of Robakovna.**